Integrative and Functional Medicine, Health & Wellness Coaching and Consulting

with Catherine Willows, RN

Catherine Willows is a registered nurse, functional medicine certified health coach, national board-certified health and wellness coach, herbalist, and the former Clinical Services Director of Dr. Mark Hyman’s clinic, the UltraWellness Center.  She is passionate about supporting individuals on their quest to better health.

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Health and Wellness Coaching


Do you want to improve your health and feel better in your body?


Do want to alleviate overwhelm and stress?


Do you want to have a better quality of life?

We all carry inner perceptions about who we are, and our desires for an ideal life.  Sometimes those desires differ markedly from the reality of our current health and the life we are living.  The path to thriving is a simple transformative process involving self-discovery, creativity and actualization.

Integrative and Functional Medicine Practice Consulting


Do you want to improve the efficiency of your practice operations?


Do you have ideas for program development, but have challenges putting it together?


Do you want to improve patient engagement and outcomes?

You’ve invested in clinical training and education in Integrative and Functional Medicine, but that’s not enough. Changing your practice to a Functional Medicine Model requires a change in operational structure.

You must learn to master a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.

– Marianne Williamson

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