Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a coach?

Athletes and high-performance professionals wouldn’t think of trying to achieve their goals without the guidance of a coach.

Studies from Harvard Medical School, the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, along with other international institutions, show that people have much greater success in creating positive, long- lasting lifestyle changes when they have the support and guidance of a professional wellness coach.

Coaching sets you up for greater levels of success in achieving your health goals and attaining desired wellbeing.

If I have a physician and other healthcare providers, why do I need a coach?

Healthcare professionals are highly skilled and knowledgeable in their chosen fields but may be at a loss on how to help you integrate their treatment recommendations into your life.  For some, making behavior changes toward healthier and more productive lifestyle choices can be complicated.  Health coaching can help you address barriers that cloud your vision, that interfere with decision making, and that obstruct your follow-through.  A multi-faceted team approach is the recipe for success.

What is Functional Medicine?

  • Integrative Functional Medicine approaches health and disease from a systems perspective. Instead of viewing the person as a collection of separate parts, it looks at how the human systems interact to function as a whole to optimize wellness.
  • Integrative Functional Medicine looks for the root cause of disease. It treats the underlying cause of ailments and disharmonies through a collection of conventional and holistic modalities, including modification of lifestyle patterns such as nutrition, movement, sleep, etc.
  • Integrative Functional Medicine utilizes an equitable therapeutic partnership approach to the relationship between patient and healthcare provider.


How do Coaching and Functional Medicine work together?

The synergy between professional health coaching and Functional Medicine is remarkable.  The results when these two new fields are employed in tandem are beyond impressive.  It becomes easier to engage and carry out treatment recommendations when you have someone who can support your inner motivation, guide you on how to carry out your plan, and help you keep on track.  Often times, results are accelerated, and more lasting levels of change are achieved. It’s your willingness and dedication to the process that brings the alchemy to fruition!

What exactly are “Lifestyle Factors?”

These are the choices we make every day that define how we live, and also impact the quality of our health, our lives, and the health of the planet.  There are eight areas that lay the foundation for our health and well-being.  They are:  Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Stress Management, Positive Relationships, Creativity, Meaning and Purpose, and Connection to Nature.

Taking steps to upgrade lifestyle habits is an investment in your health.  This is where simple changes can lead to huge strides in reaching goals and gaining fulfillment.

If you have people cheering you on, holding you accountable, and walking the walk with you, you’re more likely to make positive changes.

– Dr. Mark Hyman