How to Create a Morning Practice to Generate Success

Did you know that your morning routine has the potential to set you up for greater success in your day and ultimately improve the quality of your life? It all lies in what you do in the morning to start your day off.

Ryan Cote was struggling in his leadership role as a business owner. He discovered Hal Elrod’s book, The Miracle Morning. Elrod, a long-distance marathon runner and success coach, consolidates many of the most renowned practices for human consciousness development into a morning ritual that lays the foundation for stimulating, what he calls are “miracles” – in other words, successful and sometime unexpected positive results in the course of one’s day.

Cote found that by creating a consistent daily morning routine using these practices, he was able to shift his mind-set, energy and ultimately the outcome of his day. This practice changed his life. As a result of his experience, Ryan wanted to share these insights with others.  His passion for personal development brought him to creating a mini-podcast called the Morning Upgrade where, in a short 20 minutes, he interviews successful entrepreneurs about the activities they employ each morning to lay a positive foundation for the day ahead. Ryan is a gracious and inquisitive interviewer, capable of delving deep with his guests on their unique approach to this simple, yet profoundly effective means to achieving goals and greater success.

You too can create a morning routine that shifts you from mediocrity to creating unprecedented levels of wellbeing and the kind of life and you’re really passionate about. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, nor take a lot of time.

The key is to:

1. Carve out time every morning to engage in activities that energize and inspire you. Some suggestions might include:

    • Silence / meditation
    • Journaling
    • Setting Goals and Intentions
    • Exercise
    • Spending time in Nature

2.  Keep it simple, and be consistent. By raising your energy as you focus on your goals and intentions, they become easier to manifest.

3.  Add coaching and your endeavors are further enhanced by offering accountability, support and helping you clear that which gets in your way.

People who commit to this practice report greater clarity, energy and enthusiasm for life, not to mention, the ability to make changes that truly carry them to where they want to go.

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