Lead With a New Story? Or, Follow Your Old Script?

The choices you make, the beliefs you hold, and all you do within the course of a year, weaves the story of your life. While there will always be the unknowns, and things that happen outside of your control, your choices and the actions you take have a powerful impact on your life’s direction.

How will you navigate this new slate of 2024? Will you direct that story to something greater – something more aligned with the aspirations you hold for your life?  Or will you live by default, and more of the same? Your success begins and ends with you.

That’s essentially what New Year’s resolutions are all about, right? – Seizing the opportunity for a fresh start, creating a vision for what you want in your future, and pursuing it. It’s a time when we dance with possibilities.

But what happens when you get back to your every-day routine and the energy and enthusiasm drops off? Forbes Health statistics show that over 90% of people fail to accomplish their resolutions – 21% quit by then end of the first week, and 43% by the end of January. Despite the thousands of years since its Babylonian inception, current culture, we’re not very good at keeping them.

So how can you improve your chances to reach your goals and aspirations this year? Let’s take a closer look at the elements that can enhance your efforts.

Here are some tips:

 1.  Clarity: Get clear about WHAT you want. Let go of mediocre desires. Instead, focus on the ones that really matter to you.
**A vision board and/or journaling can be very useful as you get a feeling and a picture for what you want. (Our minds tend to relate more to visual images.)

2.  Resolve: Upon initiating any change, your resolve helps you move into action. Andrew Huberman says this determination mindset comes from the frontal lobes of the brain, which is the force that drives you toward a goal. Like a muscle, the more you apply it, the stronger it becomes. But when resolve is lacking, it’s hard to take action and keep motivated. (Resolve = activity of brain/mindset)

3.  Intentions: Resolve alone may not be enough to keep you committed in the long run. Connecting to your intentions behind it – in other words, WHY this is important to you, and the emotions you feel about it will help keep you in-tuned with your passion. This will give you more of the charge you need to reach your target. (Intentions = values, feelings/passions of the heart)

4.  Partnership: People often over-estimate what they can achieve alone. Collaborating with a partner or a coach radically changes the process, offering a fresh perspective that helps you do it differently. It gives you someone with whom you can bounce your ideas with, and offers accountability to keep you on track. Besides making it more achievable, it also makes it more fun and meaningful.

5.  Plan: This is where you figure out what steps you need to take to get there and your time frames for reaching those steps. Again, having a partner or a coach is very valuable to help you look at how you’ve always done it and create new approaches to get you in the direction where you want to go. Keeping track of your progress will help you stay on course.

6.  Commitment: This is the capacity to stay connected with your dream consistently over time.  It is a loyalty not only to your goal, but also to yourself. You are WORTH IT!  Life can readily pull you off into a number of directions, distracting you from your course. Sustaining your connection to your goal and the reasons you desire it will help keep its importance viable and in your awareness.
**Engaging in some form of daily practice where you connect to your inner self and your intention – such as meditation, affirmations and journaling – will anchor you to your commitment. You might even explore new facets and more details – which will keep your interest alive.

I invite you to step into your courage, reach for your “What if?”, and manifest all that makes your heart sing this year. If you haven’t begun your intentions for the New Year yet, you still have time. The first New Moon of the New Year is on Thursday, 1/11. This marks the beginning of the new lunar cycle. The days to follow are a potent time to get clear on your goals and lay out your ideas.

The greatest act of self-love is to no longer accept a life you’re unhappy with.

                        – Brianna West, Author of The Mountain is You

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